Tips for a Good Newborn Session at Tiny Baby Studio

I love setting up the studio for a session, making the room toasty warm and choosing the props and colour scheme while waiting with anticipation to meet this incredible new little person! But I am aware that from a parents point of view it can seem a little daunting and you might feel a little apprehensive especially as it might be the first time you’ve left the house with your baby. So I thought I would try and put your mind at rest and let you know what to expect and how best to plan for the session. Continue reading “Tips for a Good Newborn Session at Tiny Baby Studio”


Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019!

Hang on, has 2018 ended? Wait what? That went fast!! Anyone else feeling like this? Seems we were just starting 2018 five minutes ago and here we are, another 12 months down the line and so much has happened. It’s going to be hard to squeeze this into one post so I’ll just share the highlights. Continue reading “Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019!”

Tiny Baby Studio Newcastle Newborn Photographer February 2017 Round Up

I am storming through the blog posts to catch up, and sitting here thinking… “it can’t be April already???” I am always totally surprised (and a little scared) at how fast time passes and I wish we could all just slow down and take it all in a little better! Continue reading “Tiny Baby Studio Newcastle Newborn Photographer February 2017 Round Up”

Big Brothers and Sisters!

You know I photograph newborns but I never forget about the other VIPs….new big brothers and sisters! Continue reading “Big Brothers and Sisters!”

Emily Mai and Harry Too

Emily Mai and older brother Harry came to visit…

Harry has been here before and once had his own starring role in the studio as a newborn baby. Continue reading “Emily Mai and Harry Too”